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Cross-Platform Branding

Do you have a new business and don’t know where to start? We will “help create your story.”  

Business Image – An image is more than designing your flyers. It is getting the back story out, the story behind your business or cause. Did your grandmother win awards at the local fair for her bread, and keeping alive her memory and recipes is the driving force behind your bakery? Do you want to excite the world with avant-garde furniture because design has been your passion since you could hold a pen? Are you making complimentary custom wigs for cancer victims because you beat the disease? All these are part of your image, your way of introducing yourself to your future customers, and our professional writers and designers can help you do exactly that.

Logo Design – A logo is the artistic calling card of a business or cause. It can convey any message ranging from humour to complete seriousness, from traditionalism to cutting-edge. Whether you’re a brand-new business starting out fresh and just finding your niche, or an established business in the re-branding stage, we will design your logo to get across the message you want. 

Print Promotions Design

We design your print materials to help you reach the people who are not glued to a screen all day.

Posters, Flyers and Brochures – Even in the age of the automobile, many people still prefer to shop and play close to where they live. Using printed posters, flyers and brochures to advertise your business, cause or event allows you to target specific markets based on physical proximity, allowing for a higher response rate.

Business Cards – You have one elevator ride to leave a lasting impression. Or you’re at a meet n’ greet and want to leave behind more than a handshake. Business cards allow you to make a tangible lasting impression long after you have walked out the door.

Banners – You want to go big and have a huge business banner designed to hang across a local thoroughfare?  Or hang something smaller from a float in a holiday parade? Or maybe your favourite boss and mentor is retiring, and you need something to hang from the wall at the party? A banner designed by us will help get your message across clearly and efficiently.    

Web Presence

Website Design and Development – We custom-design and build your site so your business can look fashion-forward, fancy, festive, fabulous, fearsome, or whatever adjective you desire. On any device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Website Maintenance – Websites, just like cars, need maintenance. The internet world changes, and coding that was up-to-date several years ago may no longer be fully functional. A site that looked great five years ago may now look dated. We don’t just design the new, we also overhaul the old.

Website Updating – You are busy doing what you do best, running a business or advocating for a cause. We can keep your website updated with the latest news and developments about your organizations. There is nothing that says “you care” like keeping your customers and clients in the loop.

SEO Optimization – This is a “techie” word for ensuring that a website is written and coded so search engines can find it easily. 

Social Media Promotions – Is your business on social media but you’re too busy to post? While you’re running your business, we can run your social media for you. We promote your business and make sure your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other media account followers know you’re still in business, know what you’ve been up to recently, and know what new and exciting things you’re planning for your customers and clients.

UI/UX Analysis – We analyze your website for user friendliness.  If brand-new users cannot find their way around easily, other websites are only one click away and you have lost a potential customer, client or donor.  We want to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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