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Bling Your Business with a Website

Bling Your Business with a Website

Bling: flashy jewelry worn especially as an indication of wealth or status… (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bling, retrieved July 10, 2018)


Does every business really need a website? No. Absolutely not.

Yes, we are web designers and really want your business, but we also want what’s best for you, and one thing that is not best for you is to be talked into buying something you really don’t need. And the fact is, some businesses really do not need a website. Yours may be one of them.

Imagine four family members who run a small custom-tailoring business. Orders are lined up for months and more are coming in the door as you read this. Business has been steady for years, and word-of-mouth advertising brings in all the clients the business can handle. The family members work well together. There are no plans to expand the business, because the family wants to keep it a “family business” in the truest sense of the word and expanding would mean hiring non-family to handle the extra work.

This is an example of a business that does not need a website.

Traditionally, a website helps your business get wider exposure, which will likely bring more customers in the door. If you already have all the customers you can handle, a website is not what you need.

But a website may still be something you want for your business, like an accessory.  Accessories, even if you don’t need them, can be fun.

Take the example of a souped-up, custom-painted sports car with aftermarket speakers, amps and sub woofers. It won’t get us to our destination faster; we all have to obey the same speed limit. The fuel economy is comparable to a similar-sized sedan, so there are no savings to be had at the gas station. It no doubt has less trunk space than a hatchback, and if the speakers take up half the trunk, you can forget about using it for any kind of significant luggage or grocery hauling.

But while such cars have few advantages, for a number of us they are the vehicle of choice. Why? Because they are like a fun accessory. They are bling! They get looks. And double-takes. They convey a certain image of being carefree and fun.

Just like a police car with its siren, a “bling” car is heard before it’s seen, provided you make good use of the sound system. Heads will turn to locate the thump, thump of your stereo which is heard from far away before you turn the corner and roll into view. But while a police siren causes dread sometimes (why did that cop just pull out, was I speeding back there?), your sports car will do the opposite. Getting glances of admiration while cruising the streets makes it fun to drive.

A website can be like a sports car; it can be the “bling” accessory of your business.  It can help you get glances of admiration. The whole world can examine your exquisitely-crafted products on a website, without disturbing you with a single knock at the door or phone call.

Even for businesses who do not need any more business, those admiring glances you garner on the web could lead to increased professional recognition in your industry, or lead to becoming better-known in the larger community after many years of quiet success, or lead to other non-tangible benefits.

You have worked hard for your business success. Get a website and showcase your success!

(And then send a link to that uncle of yours who predicted you’d never amount to anything when you were 15! — just kidding — we all know such unkind relatives only exist in movies.)

Rita Schonlaub


Rita Schonlaub drives a “reuse-recycle-repair” vehicle, but if she could afford it, she certainly would not mind driving a souped-up, accessorized sports car with aftermarket speakers, amps and subwoofers. And a custom decal or two.



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