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We are all proud graduates of the YWCA Hamilton, Women in Technology Program.

This means we each hold a Certificate in Web Design & Development from Mohawk Collegeas well as a Web Design Specialist Certificate from CIW (Certified Internet Professionals).

It was a challenging, hard-fought, yet rewarding journey for each member of our diverse group.

Ultimately, we were so inspired by each other and the exhilaration of working our dream jobs in the world of IT, that we joined together to pool our strengths and form some kind of mega-web-design-developer-bot ready to take over the world! Rawr!

Meet the super heroes, all-stars, ninjas and all-around kickass people that make up our stellar team.



Jenny Velasquez

Director of Operations | Designer | Content Writer

Technology and innovation are what drives the modern world. This also happens to be what drives Jenny’s entrepreneurial curiosity. After over a decade of experience in the semiconductor industries, she decided to take her natural technical and presentation abilities up a notch and explore more of her creative muscle. Jenny hopes to intertwine her love for tech, design, communication and enterprise building into the most nerve racking and exciting journey of all — starting a business!

Whether she’s arranging meetings or attending them, making timelines for the staff, or simply being a gracious hostess, Jenny keeps both our spirits and bellies well-fed.

She likes travelling, is an avid reader, a mom to a very creative boy and wife to the most handsome man in the world.

Nataly Ling

CEO | Project Manager | Developer

As project manager it’s Nataly’s job to keep things running smoothly. There’s no mistaking that she is a woman on a mission with an insatiable passion for not only her own success but everyone around her. She makes certain that each and every project stays on schedule and the team has all the resources it needs to get the job done.

Nataly looks forward to being a driving force in the web development business. This is why she works tirelessly to plan, direct and corral the rest of us creative unicorns into somehow producing top-notch and inspired quality for our clients — like crafting a perfect shining jewel every time.  Wow! Now that’s truly magical stuff!

Diana Fan

Developer | Designer 

Diana is an artist who found the joy of coding.  She loves to design, create and relishes the challenge of developing ideas into reality.

She may not say much, but don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanor. This coding ninja packs a powerful, creative punch that is guaranteed to turn heads on your website. In fact, if you look close enough you might actually see the creativity dripping from her fingers.

Cathy Bell

Developer | Designer

Cathy is finally doing something that she really loves to do – web design, of course! She’s had lots of experience in the IT industry as a programmer and she can even boast about having a Diploma in Computer Science from Sheridan College. But despite being able to read and write code like she’s hacking the Matrix, it’s when we talk creative strategy that Cathy’s excitement really takes over.  It’s infectious, really.

Selina Osmond

SEO Copywriter | Designer

Selina is a copywriter who became fascinated by digital marketing, design and technology.

She understands it’s all about presenting the right message to the right audience at the right time. If you’re looking to have someone tell your company’s story or simply have more visitors click, share or like their way through your website, she’s up to the challenge.

When not busy pushing pens or pixels, Selina can be found watching movies and enjoying some snuggle time with her precious fur-baby.

Rita (Renate) Schonlaub

UX Architect | Content Writer

User experience design is a complicated field but thankfully Rita’s knack at finding the balance between form and function helps ensure that our designs start off on the right foot. As if one super-power wasn’t enough, she’s also an incredibly gifted wordsmith.

Rita majored in English Language and Literature at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, so she knows the power of the written word and will tell you why “bare with us” is not something you should ever ask your clients to do. Nor will she ever let your website offer “aunt extermination” instead of “ant extermination.”

She’s always thinking of the best phrase, headline or article; her brain is always overflowing with ideas to write and ways to write them.

Ani Kaluzny

CFO | Developer | Designer

When it comes to keeping us on budget so we can afford that extravagant Christmas party at the end of the year, that’s Ani! But aside from being our CFO, she happens to be a talented developer and designer too.  She has a BS in Commerce, majoring in Computer Science so you know she can handle numbers.

However, the years she spent in the fashion industry has left her exceptionally gifted with a keen eye for colour and coordination. Ani is a human swatch machine for coming up with palettes and design schemes that seamlessly harmonize a company’s branding across multiple channels.


Anna Zawada

Photographer | Developer | Designer

Anna’s passion is design. Colour selection, pattern creation, page layouts and typography are just a few of the things she might be thinking about in any given moment. She viewed learning web development as an opportunity to utilize, elevate and expand on her ever-growing skills.

It’s not surprising that Anna would enjoy the technical challenges of coding since she’s also an amateur photographer. She’s always looking for different ways to view the world. This is what makes her so incredibly unique.

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